Flexible, scalable and sustainable: the new power behind tomorrow’s weather predictions

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The world’s leading weather-forecasting companies, usually process weather data four times a day, which, depending on the speed of execution, can take around two hours at a time. This can be very expensive when using the cloud – resulting in companies only using cloud capacity for eight out of 24 hours, leaving a lot of downtime still to be paid for.

Overcoming challenges of HPC Clusters for Simulation & Modeling

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Engineers working in an increasingly broad range of industries are using HPC to execute simulation workloads. The Boston Intel Select Solution enables organizations to scale quickly with a workload-optimized solution that contains the latest HPC hardware to help organizations bypass the challenges associated with setting up a HPC cluster.

Model Medical Devices

Gemma Church reveals how simulation and modelling are aiding the design and development of a range of medical devices

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