Laboratory Informatics

Lab Digitalization Loop Picks Up Speed

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This whitepaper outlines how the collaboration of organizations across science-based industries and their leveraging of advanced technology will improve lab processes and productivity. Digitalization will accelerate scientific creativity, bringing better products to market faster. Together these trends will not just benefit science but enable better care for patients as well.

Navigating the Digital Transformation Journey

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This white paper provides an account of three transformational projects undertaken in three intensely competitive industries. You’ll meet a paperless biotechnology startup, a titan of the consumer goods industry, and a leading chemical company, each showing a possible way forward for others who seek the speed and agility of tech-enabled business harmonisation.

A Complete Guide to LIMS Selection

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A Laboratory Information Management System or LIMS is a safe, efficient and affordable digital solution to laboratory management. Using a LIMS, you can collect data and manage your lab processes easily, giving you more time to focus on making new discoveries or ensuring quality products.

Progress Snapshot: Enabling the Digital Lab of the Future

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This report assesses the progress achieved and plans for near-term activities among laboratories in six subsectors within the broader classification of Life Sciences organisations: Biotechnology, Biomedical Research, Clinical Research Institutions, Contract Manufacturing Organisations, Contract Research Organisations, and Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturing.

Combined, these six enterprise types comprise the majority of laboratory environments and missions among the Life Science professionals participating in this year’s survey.

Advancing the use of emerging computing infrastructure in Life Sciences

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RCH Solutions supports the adoption of novel computing technologies such as cloud, quantum, AI and edge computing paradigms through a comprehensive suite of strategic advisory and purpose-built managed services to help R&D teams in the Life Sciences modernise their computing environment and accelerate their research goals.

The essential guide to managing laboratory samples

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This white paper draws on Titian Software’s long running partnerships with multiple vendors of laboratory automation and its extensive experience of implementing sample management systems for organisations of all sizes, plus the author’s 40 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical and software industries. The principles of good sample management hold for any life sciences laboratory: from a small academic laboratory using manual pipetting methods with human tissue samples, to enterprise environments with multiple complex instruments to manage and supply millions of small molecules.


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