Best Practice Guide - Modern Accelerators

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Hardware accelerators offer certain advantages over general-purpose Central Processing Units (CPUs) as they provide a greater computational throughput when applications exhibit high degrees of data parallelism, due to their highly parallel architectural design and high-bandwidth memory systems. These specialized chips are usually more energy-efficient, i.e. are capable of delivering much higher compute performance as compared to CPUs at the same power cost. These characteristics make accelerator technologies appealing both for system vendors and users.

Intel announces 10nm Intel Agilex FPGA products

Intel has recently announced a new range of FPGA’s known as Intel Agilex which are aimed at data-centric applications. The new product family has been designed to solve challenges across embedded, network and datacentre markets.

OEM’s adopt Intel FPGAs

Intel has announced that Dell, Fujitsu and other OEM’s have adopted Intel’s field programmable gate array (FPGA) acceleration into their portfolio of server products

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