Product overview: 

SIMATIC IT Unilab’s modular design allows incremental implementation and deployment of LIMS functionality across your enterprise. 

- Corporate architecture

- Management by Exception

- Equipment and Qualification Management

- Advanced configurability

- Web-based technology

- Information management

- Regulatory Compliance and 21CFR11

- Multi-site, time en language support

- Trending and SQC

- Stability module

- Cost Calculation Module

- Hand-held devices

- Barcoding


Company overview: 

SIMATIC IT R&D Suite is a scalable software platform to cover typical R&D activities such as development of new products, product maintenance, product enhancement.

It provides functionality required for more efficient R&D processes and cross-disciplinary collaborative analysis.

This includes software components for project management, formula and packaging development, trial and experiment management, production process design, electronic notebooks, quality control, laboratory management, specification management, batch and inventory management, and pilot plant manufacturing.

SIMATIC IT R&D Suite is based on the same architectural platform as SIMATIC IT Production Suite and so facilitates the integration of R&D data and workflows with the manufacturing environment.


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