Product overview: 

Integrating an Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) prevents the repetition of laboratory tests, thus accelerating research activity by supporting team cooperation. Usually the basic functions of standard ELN products are not sufficient to support the highly specialised work processes in the various laboratories in one company and integrate them into the existing IT system landscape at the same time. A long-standing systems integrator for leading companies in life sciences and the chemical industry, OSTHUS has extensive experience not only in research and laboratory processes but also in implementing and integrating ELNs with a variety of leading ELN manufacturers.

Our services:

The OSTHUS team analyses the work processes in laboratories using service-oriented architecture, determines individual customer requirements which would clearly be advantageous for the company both now and in the future, and finally conducts a product evaluation of ELN solutions with you.

By configuring standard ELNs, adding client specific integration modules and interfaces and connecting both solutions with the existing system, our consultants are able to implement the integrated process chains exactly as they were envisaged.

As a general contractor, OSTHUS integrates standard solutions, coordinates these solutions with your systems landscape requirements and takes on the tasks of operation and maintenance for you.

Buy yourself time by trusting OSTHUS, an experienced system integrator, to coordinate your ELN project (concept, evaluation and implementation). We ensure the smooth integration of ELN so that your scientists can concentrate on their research.

Company overview: 

OSTHUS - Speeding up R&D in life sciences and the chemical industry – through process competence and IT excellence

OSTHUS GmbH, a company operating internationally and independently since its formation in 1996, has specialised in organising research and development more effectively for life sciences and the chemical industry by offering a customer focused approach to enterprise IT solutions with consulting services, IT development, and systems integration.
By focusing on the strategic goals of real projects, OSTHUS consultants determine specific requirements and convert them into effective and efficient solutions. Using a combination of standard IT products and our own modules, we develop service-oriented R&D architectures with end-to-end processes and thus implement customized and, at the same time, cost-effective applications. We provide expert IT services to support our customers in operating their highly functional all-in-one solutions to exploit new knowledge more quickly and be the first to convert innovative ideas into marketable products.
Today, with clients such as BASF, Bayer, Boehringer und Grünenthal, we are proven experts for companies in the life sciences sector and the chemical industry.

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