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LabPlus Technologies

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Product overview: 

LabPlus™ is the most configurable browser based LIMS on the market today and successfully used in laboratories for more than 15 years. This field expertise insures you can expect using the most advanced tools to automate you laboratories.

LabPlus™ is designed to evolve with your operational needs and offers flexibility and configurability to the main components. LabPlus™ unique configurability makes use of features that are based on the state-of-the-art system structure currently available with the newest technology in the market place. It lets you easily and efficiently modify and create LabPlus™ entities, business rules and work cycles, all of which have a critical impact on you laboratory operations.

LabPlus™ provides complete LIMS functionality including advanced and powerful features:

  • Universal Scheduler: allows scheduling any type of event – not specific to samples
  • Powerful Query engine: possibility to create complex custom queries on-the-fly using UI only without a need to understand SQL language
  • Audits, versioning and history logs on every entity of the system.
  • Management and storage of attachments.
  • Advanced Expression Evaluator tool and parser: help defining and calculating user-defined formulas, logical tests, and text manipulation
  • Event-based automatic Notifications
  • Integrating LabPlus™ with external databases, specific forms and applications, as well as analytical instruments is simplified by the use of generic web service interfaces.

LabPlus™ is able to stand out amongst other LIMS providers by in working with their corporate parent Wunderlich-Malec ( to provide a comprehensive solution that offers a diverse team of engineers, programmers, and scientist plus resources found nowhere else with other LIMS vendors. The team of Wunderlich Malec Systems and LabPlus™ Technologies is uniquely qualified to meet your business, laboratory, and operational needs. The combination of Wunderlich Malec’s 28 years of success in managing projects and deploying large systems in various global industries combined with the superior core technology of LabPlus™ LIMS Software assures our clients of meeting their goals within cost and schedule.

Company overview: 

LabPlus™ Technologies is a world leader with a mission is to combine LIMS implementation expertise with leading software development technologies to provide a flexible, configurable and affordable laboratory solution.


5501 Feltl Road, Minnetonka, MN 55343