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InfoChem GmbH

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Product overview: 

Chemisches Zentralblatt Structural Database: is a web-based retrieval application providing language independent access to the information contained in Chemisches Zentralblatt, one of the most relevant abstract journals for the time period 1830-1969.

SPRESImobile: The free app for Apple iPod touch, iPhone and iPad mobile devices provides direct access to 500,000 unique reactions types (ChemReact).

SPRESI / SPRESIweb: Structure and reaction database containing 5.62 million organic and organometallic compounds abstracted from the literature and 4.34 million reactions covering the chemical literature published since 1974.

Chemistry data mining: InfoChem provides automated identification and extraction of chemical compounds from unstructured data such as patent documents or journal articles.

ICNameRXN: InfoChem's Name Reaction tool ICNameRXN enables the determination of specific named reactions in large reaction databases. The tool provides easy access to complex reaction searches. 

ICFSE: InfoChem Fast Search Engine is a high performance chemistry search engine allowing retrieval of data from millions of structures and reaction in seconds. 

ICCARTRIDGE: InfoChem’s Chemistry Cartridge is a powerful software module, designed to integrate storage and retrieval of chemical structures and reactions in a relational Oracle environment. Based on ICFSE it is able to to handle and search millions of structures and reactions. 

ICCHEMDESK: ICCHEMDESK is a client application, developed to offer a front-end for structure and reaction retrieval using Oracle chemistry cartridges. Based on Windows.NET architecture, ICCHEMDESK offers flexible Oracle data models and the possibility of generating user-defined forms.

Company overview: 

InfoChem GmbH is a market leader in structure and reaction handling and retrieval. The company focuses on the development of innovative cheminformatic software tools and structure and reaction databases.


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