Product overview: 

Definiens Tissue Studio® is the leading automated image analysis solution for quantitative digital pathology. With built-in workflows for quick adjustments of a variety of tissue analysis solutions, Tissue Studio® opens up new dimensions in tissue quantification.  Understand morphological fingerprints and biomarker expression profiles on a cell-by-cell basis in your tissue samples. 

Definiens Image Miner® tightly integrates data mining with image analysis to accelerate biomarker research and development in life sciences. By easily linking data points with original images, Image Miner® efficiently supports knowledge generation from images through data mining, interactive data exploration, efficient review of results and quality control. 


Company overview: 

Definiens is the leader in automated image analysis for life sciences and digital pathology. Our mission is to enable researchers and pathologists to discover and deliver new ways to impact science and healthcare by harnessing the power of our unique Cognition Network Technology®. We are headquartered in Munich, Germany with a North American office in Carlsbad, California. 



Europe:  +49-89-231180-0

North America: +1-760-893-8900

Corporate Headquarters

Bernhard-Wicki-Strasse 5

80636 Munich


Americas Headquarters

1808 Aston Avenue, Suite 165

Carlsbad, CA 92008



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