14 September 2009

Felix Grant discovers Morphit, a series of tools to aid data analysis by scientists.

21 August 2009

Felix Grant finds that, for both text entry, and heavy duty work, LyX provides a mathematical environment that all can use consistently.

04 August 2009

Felix Grant reviews the latest version of Statsoft's flagship statistical analysis package.

24 June 2009

Felix Grant thought EndNote couldn't get any better -- but it just has.

24 June 2009

Felix Grant is impressed by this full-digit version upgrade (from 8 to 9) from Golden Software.

04 June 2009

Felix Grant finds the new MapleSim impressively easy to use.

01 June 2009

Felix Grant enjoys doing unfamiliar mathematics just for the pleasure of it with Maple 13.

13 May 2009

Felix Grant finds Mathematica tackling the home market.

11 May 2009

Felix Grant on a new SDK that can transfer 3D output from an originating application into the U3D form suitable for PDF embedding.

28 April 2009

Origin Pro 8 has been updated four times since our original review 18 months ago, and much has changed in that time.

17 February 2009

Knovel's technical reference information service, available since September through Adept Scientific, is an online catalogued library system aimed at engineers and applied scientists.

08 January 2009

Felix Grant reviews the latest version of Weisang's data analysis package, which brings together a flexible database and a range of unique tools for statisticians.



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