21 April 2011

Every scientist has to be a statistician these days, but not every scientist wants to be.

04 January 2011

There are a lot of reasons to enthuse about the new release of Mathematica; across the board and not least (from my point of view) the statistics and probability coverage.

04 January 2011

With the latest incremental version update (8.1 to 8.5, now at service release 1), OriginLab’s increasingly versatile data graphics package sees useful improvements and new developments in a number of areas.

27 October 2010

Felix Grant takes a look at the latest version of VSNi's GenStat.

31 August 2010

Felix Grant reviews the bibliographic reference handler that doubles up as an information manager.

28 June 2010

Felix Grant reviews the latest iteration of Minitab's flagship statistics package.

16 June 2010

Felix Grant reviews the latest upgrades to Maplesoft's flagship computer algebra package and its high profile simulation sibling.

12 April 2010

Felix Grant reviews Origin and OriginPro 8.1.

12 April 2010

Felix Grant reviews the recently released MathType 6.6.

15 February 2010

Felix Grant finds that the latest version of Systat's statistical software shows evolution of capability and usability.

17 December 2009

Felix Grant tests the latest iteration of VSNi's statistical package, GenStat 12.

02 November 2009

Felix Grant reviews Grapher 8, the latest update to the page-oriented technical graphics software produced by Golden Software.



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