18 December 2006

Felix Grant reviews FlexPro 7 from Adept Science.

14 November 2006

Felix Grant reviews the new release of NCSS, an interactive exploratory environment for data analysis with a newly refurbished interactive user interface and macro system.

30 October 2006

Felix Grant finds the 'math-in-a-box' Mathematica Link for Excel a delight to use, which offers the convenience of a three-dimensional cellular array with the power of a dedicated mathematics engine.

30 October 2006

Felix Grant reviews EndNote X from Adept Scientific, a referencing management and bibliography tool that can easily be integrated into larger research information management regimes.

27 October 2006

Joint offspring of Rothamsted and the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries, ASReml is a Residual Maximum Likelihood package for fitting and analysis of linear mixed models.