03 February 2017

This webcast has been designed to provide a guide to laboratory users who wish to increase their capacity for data transfer and collaboration.

15 December 2016

With the resurgence of systems engineering in full swing, Guy Johns, Lead Technologist at CFMS, explores the promise of web technologies

23 November 2016

This white paper provides an overview of cloud pricing models and a high-level description of how they could be applied to performing engineering simulation using ANSYS Enterprise Cloud, while optimizing your hardware spend on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

11 November 2016

Sanjay Khetia, Chief Technology Officer at the Centre for Modelling and Simulation (CFMS), talks about Industry 4.0, and the use of modelling and simulation to explore its possibilities.

04 November 2016

This white paper describes eight best practices for cloud deployments that are fundamentally related to simulation data and end user access, licensing, HPC workloads, and business support.