27 October 2006

Joint offspring of Rothamsted and the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries, ASReml is a Residual Maximum Likelihood package for fitting and analysis of linear mixed models.

26 October 2006

This latest version of VSN's heavyweight flagship is everything that users would expect. It also builds on recent work to dramatically enhance the facilities for exploratory users.

21 September 2006

Felix Grant reviews this technical graphics program that delivers everything you would expect - and more.

01 January 2006

Brian Cogan reviews The Mathematical Explorer, an unusual piece of educational software


01 January 2006

It's some while since I last looked at TecPlot - more than two years, in fact, at release 9. A lot has happened in the time between. Version 10 will have come to market by the time readers see this article, though as I finalise it I have seen only as far as the final release candidate beta.