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11 November 2022

When modern LIMS software overtook traditional paper-based record-keeping in the lab, operations in every industry improved. Automated data collection drove efficiencies at the bench. Cloud solutions accelerated knowledge-sharing between partners.

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31 October 2022

This report assesses the progress achieved and plans for near-term activities among laboratories in six subsectors within the broader classification of Life Sciences organisations: Biotechnology, Biomedical Research, Clinical Research Institutions, Contract Manufacturing Organisations, Contract R

12 September 2022

Selectivity is a crucial property in the development of new active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). Binding site comparisons within a protein family are key to modulating the selectivity profile of a potential new API, which includes understanding both on- and off-target effects.

04 August 2022

The world’s leading weather-forecasting companies, usually process weather data four times a day, which, depending on the speed of execution, can take around two hours at a time.

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21 July 2022

Automation, robotics and digital technologies are transforming laboratory processes in life sciences, R&D and manufacturing, and driving a new era in data-focused disease and drug discovery.