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10 March 2023

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28 January 2023

Some 50-80% of research scientists' and data scientists' time is spent wrestling with data before they can focus on higher value AI/ML and advanced analysis to help bring new life-saving therapeutics to market. This paper describes how a complete reimagining of discovery and development to drive scientific outcomes leads to a new world where science is accelerated with FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) harmonised data in the cloud.

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14 December 2022
02 December 2022

Despite the buzz around artificial intelligence (AI), most industry insiders know that the use of machine learning (ML) in drug discovery is nothing new.

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01 December 2022

This white paper provides an account of three transformational projects undertaken in three intensely competitive industries.

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30 November 2022

A Laboratory Information Management System or LIMS is a safe, efficient and affordable digital solution to laboratory management. Using a LIMS, you can collect data and manage your lab processes easily, giving you more time to focus on making new discoveries or ensuring quality products.