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Optibrium, a leading developer of software and AI solutions for drug discovery, today announced the appointment of Ian Smith as Chief Technology Officer (CTO), the latest in a number of senior-level hires for the Company. With over 25 years of biopharma experience, Ian will oversee the development of the Company’s technology portfolio and cloud services and guide the team’s growth to support the continued expansion of the Company’s global customer base.

Horizon Quantum Computing will create multiple high-priority software engineering positions in Ireland

Nutanix sponsored report examines the potential impact of datacentre models on energy efficiency and carbon footprint

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Laboratory informatics tools have continued to converge around requirements for data management and movement within an organisation. There are still considerable differences in the nuances between an ELN and a LIMS system, such as the focus on more regulated data management or features that lend themselves toward scientific discovery. 

New system accelerates seismic analysis, increases accuracy, and enables oil and gas companies to discover resources in less time

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Altair’s workload manager and co-scheduler will accelerate critical research and discovery on two of the nation’s most powerful supercomputers

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At SC22, the world’s largest supercomputing event, Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG) announced the appointment of Jem Davies as the new Chair of the Board of Directors

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A round-up of the latest technologies available to scientists and researchers using HPC

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A round-up of the latest processing and memory technologies

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise has announced it is making supercomputing accessible for more enterprises to harness insights, solve problems and innovate faster by delivering its supercomputers in a smaller form factor and at a lower price point.

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Fujitsu has announced the development of quantum and HPC hybrid computing technology to optimise workload selection for customers

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GigaIO, a provider of workload-defined infrastructure for HPC + AI workflows, has announced the expansion of a new architecture that promises to dramatically improve computational resource utilisation for both genomic and CAE analysis with the launch of its two newest Engineered Solutions.