Products and Press Releases

Interactive Supercomputing has released an updated version of Star-P software, designed for users of Python. The new version offers huge productivity gains for Python users who need to solve computationally intensive problems.

Thermo Fisher Scientific has unveiled a series of advanced software modules to enhance the functionality of its HCS/HCA platform, including the introduction of a new informatics suite.

Accelerate your MATLAB® and Python codes 10X-100X with Star-P™. Work with 10X-100X larger data sets. Avoid parallel programming in C/Fortran/MPI. Guide offers the latest on key issues, concepts, and applications.

National Instruments LabVIEW is a software tool for creating user-defined design, control, and test systems. Take advantage of powerful features for developing measurement applications and open connectivity tools

Applied Biosystems/MDS SCIEX has updated its 4800 Plus and its ProteinPilot proteomics software. These new advances are designed to enable non-expert proteomics instrument users to achieve higher throughput sample processing, greater depth of proteome coverage, greater statistical rigour, more confident protein detection and better quantitative results

The MathWorks and Analog Devices have introduced Link for Analog Devices VisualDSP++, which integrates Matlab and Simulink with the Analog Devices VisualDSP++ integrated development and debugging software environment.

ChemSW's FREE WHITE PAPER details best practices in lab chemical inventory management, examining reasons why different solutions fail/succeed.

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Clarity Chromatography Software is the preferred choice of thousands of users around the world. Top choice for ease of use and cost effectiveness.

Count on Thermo Scientific Darwin LIMS to support complex testing, workflows and regulatory requirements in pharmaceutical manufacturing R&D and QA/QC. Darwin is purpose-built to reduce risk and total cost of ownership.

STATISTICA is based on an extremely scalable and expandable architecture and high-end technologies. As a result, it offers unique functionality and usability that currently no other competing product can match.

IDBS has launched ActivityBase Xtended Edition (ActivityBase XE) v7.0, with improved drug screening capabilites. The new release includes support for complex assay types (e.g. multiplexing and HCS).