Visualisation / Graphics


A new visualisation tool, Eye-Sys, has been launched today by Interactive Data Visualization (IDV). The software offers a versatile and intuitive user interface to help users visualise complex data.


Dynaflow's DF_Contour generates publication-ready graphs and contours from numerical and experimental data. It produces colour graphic representations of various data types, including vector and scalar fields, shapes, curves, and markers.

ChemBioOffice 2008

CambridgeSoft has released ChemBioOffice 2008, a suite of integrated scientific desktop applications designed to aid chemists and biologists in managing and visualising their data.

AutoQuant X version 2

Media Cybernetics has released version 2 of the AutoQuant X image deconvolution and 3D visualisation software. AutoQuant X2 now offers 64-bit support, in addition to other feature enhancements.

SigmaPlot 10

SigmaPlot 10 is a scientific graphing and data analysis software package that allows users to customise every graph in detail and create publication-quality graphs.

Cuda 1.0

NVidia has released a plug-in example that allows Matlab programs to use standard graphics processing unit (GPU) libraries to speed up their applications.

Dadimp 5.0

Adept Scientific has released a new version of the standalone data import module for the popular Dadisp graphical data analysis program, produced by DSP Development.

Matlab module for DADiSP

Adept is distributing a module that allows Matlab files to be manipulated, analysed and presented in DADiSP - an interactive graphics worksheet.

Grapher 7

Golden Software has upgraded Grapher, its 2D and 3D graphing package, with more than 100 new features and enhancements, including a greater number of methods of presentation.


Golden Software has upgraded its MapViewer thematic mapping package with more than 100 new features and enhancements, including the ability to create contour and vector maps


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