Visualisation / Graphics

Surfer 10

Golden Software, a developer of scientific graphics software, has released the latest version of its Surfer software package, which accurately transforms data into presentation-ready maps

AutoQuant Version X2.2.1

Media Cybernetics has released the AutoQuant Version X2.2.1 image deconvolution and 5D visualisation software which is now supported in Windows 7

AVS/Express software

Advanced Visual Systems will be introducing ultra-high performance editions of its AVS/Express software, which enables rapid, object-oriented development of rich and interactive scientific and technical data visualisations

CES Selector 2010

A new release of the CES Selector software has been announced by Granta Design, helping engineering enterprises make important decisions about materials and process choices during product design

Strater 2

Golden Software has released Strater 2, an upgrade of its well log and borehole plotting software pacakge for geoscientists

ACE Dual-View

Mechdyne has released its new ACE Dual-View product, allowing the production of two distinct user perspectives from a single 3D digital projector

Spotfire Clinical

Tibco Software has introduced Spotfire Clinical, an in-memory analytics platform that empowers clinical development teans to make smarter, faster and more accurate decisions

Avizo 6.2

Visualization Sciences Group (VSG) has released version 6.2 of Avizo, its visualisation and analysis software for scientists and engineers

The Unscrambler X

Camo has released The Unscrambler X, its all-in-one multivariate data analysis and design of experiments software, following a massive redevelopment project


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