Systems Integrator


We have a strong reputation as the UK’s trusted high performance server and storage cluster integrator; we provide cluster services and support to ensure integration success. For customers who want easy access to HPC without the need for resource in-house we also provide a cloud, Infrastructure as a Service to meet their data processing requirements with minimal capital expenditure. Read more about the enCORE HPC on-demand service.


Based upon a breakthrough passive capillary pump, Calyos’ High Efficiency Platform Solutions significantly reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of its final users by enabling cleaner, more reliable, more powerful and energy efficient customer electronic applications. They offer significant improvements over existing cooling solutions.


Eurotech has announced the launch of two mini HPC systems, collectively titled Aurora

Boston Limited

Boston Limited have over 18 years of experience in building, testing and manufacturing custom built high performance GPU & CPU compute solutions to meet clients exact needs.

VA Technologies

VA Technologies is one of UK's leading suppliers of high performance servers, storage and workstations. Our systems are tailor designed and optimised for a wide range of applications.


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