AnalystSoft has updated StatPlus:mac, a heavy-duty mathematical and statistical analysis suite for Mac users, by making the product easier to use and adding new types of graphics and calculations


Conservation International has launched Croizat, a free software package for mapping the geographic distribution of animals and plants

Simca-Q v12

Umetrics has released v12 of Simca-Q, a real-time multivariate calculation engine for continuous batch processes.

StatPlus update

AnalystSoft has released an update of StatPlus, a heavy-duty mathematical and statistical analysis suite.

XLSTAT 2008.6

XLSTAT has updated its statistical solution for Excel to version 2008.6. XLSTAT-Pro now includes multinomial logistic regression, while XLSTAT-Life features ROC curves, and sensitivity and specificity functions.

ProStat Version 4.8

Poly Software International has released its software package for statistical analysis and technical plotting: ProStat version 4.8 for Windows.

SigmaPlot 11

Systat Software has released SigmaPlot 11, the latest version of its scientific graphing and data analysis software.


Aitken Scientific has recently become the European reseller of Complys process monitoring solution, Skyline.


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