Molecular Modelling

FastROCS 1.0

OpenEye Scientific Software, a developer of molecular modelling and cheminformatics solutions for drug discovery, has released FastROCS 1.0 to its collaborators at Abbott Labs and Pfizer

FieldAlign V3.0

Cresset has released a new version of its FieldAlign package. FieldAlign V3.0 is the latest of the companys new generation of cloud enabled applications, which support parallel, distributed computing by default

Accelrys Draw 4.0

Accelrys has release Accelrys Draw 4.0, the latest version of its software enabling scientists to draw, edit, compare, and explore complex biological sequences along with chemical structures and reactions


Genedata, a provider of software solutions for drug discovery and life science research, has released PatentExplorer, an interdisciplinary software tool for assessing the patent situation of novel biomolecules and targets


Cresset has released FieldView, its powerful new molecular fields visualiser, designed to create, modify, view and compare molecules along with their associated field patterns and physiochemical properties

Materials Studio 5.0

Accelrys has introduced Materials Studio 5.0, a modelling and simulation platform. The release includes numerous integrated product enhancements, ranging from advanced instrument simulation and visualisation tools, to improved parallel codes

Molecular alchemy

Saving untold hours in the laboratory, molecular modelling software allows researchers to determine how to make useful changes to existing substances or make new ones. Paul Schreier takes a glimpse of the tools and techniques researchers are using to find the molecules that will bring us improved drugs and materials

Materials Studio 4.3

Accelrys has released Materials Studio 4.3, the latest version of its materials modelling and simulation platform. Materials Studio 4.3 introduces new functionality in the areas of quantum mechanics and mesoscale modelling.

EDEM 2.0

DEM Solutions has launched EDEM 2.0, which is the latest version of its particle simulation modelling software.


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