Modelling and Simulation


The world's most widely used risk analysis tool. Users replace values in their spreadsheet with @RISK distributions to represent uncertainty and then simulate the model using powerful Monte Carlo simulation methods.

HSC Version 6.0

Outokumpu Technology has released version 6.0 of its HSC Chemistry process calculation software, which enables users to simulate chemical or physical processes. It contains 21 calculation modules and 11 databases.

Maple e-book

Adept Scientific has launched a new e-book, which presents Maple as an advanced model development and optimisation environment, with special emphasis is placed on solving multi-extremal models.

Acoustics Module

Scientists and engineers interested in creating and measuring sound or acoustic waves will find new simulation capabilities in Comsols Acoustics Module. It is ideal for examining linear mechanical wave phenomena.

Maple 10

Maplesoft, distributed by Adept Scientific, has introduced a port that allows its flagship product, Maple 10, to run natively on new Apple Macintosh models that feature Intel Core processors.

Link for ModelSim 2

The MathWorks has released Link for ModelSim 2, which enhances the use of Model-Based Design for hardware verification by offering full Verilog and VHDL support.

Video and Image Processing Blockset 2

The MathWorks has launched the latest version of its Video and Image Processing Blockset, which extends Simulink to allow engineers to develop embedded video and imaging systems using model-based design.


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