Modelling and Simulation

Vorpal v4.0

Tech-X has released Vorpal v4.0, a software framework that enables electromagnetic and electrostatic simulations composed of particles and fluids for 1D, 2D, and 3D geometries

Lorentz Version 7

Integrated Engineering Software has updated its Lorentz simulation software to Version 7, and now includes meniscus calculations for charged particle extraction from a plasma

MapleSim 2 and Maple 13

Maplesoft has released updated versions of its core products - MapleSim, the high-performance, multi-domain modelling and simulation tool, and Maple, the technical computing software for engineers, mathematicians, and scientists.

Amperes v7.0

Integrated Engineering Software has launched Amperes v7.0, an enhanced version of its 3D magnetic field solver, with an updated materials table


DynaSim from Dynaflow is a ship-manoeuvring simulator that incorporates state-of-the-art models of ship manoeuvring. The ship simulator employs modular mathematical models for the various components of the ship, environmental effects, and waterways.

Surfer 9

Golden Software has upgraded its Surfer contouring and 3D mapping package with the ability to apply transparency to solid colours, map layers, fill patterns, and images

SVI Pro 2009

ffA has introduced SVI Pro 2009, a 3D seismic analysis software package that combines interactive analysis modules with the latest in scalable desktop HPC

Simulink Design Optimisation

The MathWorks has introduced Simulink Design Optimization, which gives modelling and control engineers the ability to automatically optimise Simulink model parameters

CFdesign UVCalc Module

Blue Ridge Numerics has introduced the CFdesign UVCalc Module, a CFD solution for simulating and validating ultraviolet (UV) reactor performance to ensure accurate fluence rates (irradiances) for UV light disinfection.


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