Modelling and Simulation

Shaderlight v0.2

ArtVPS has released version 0.2 of Shaderlight, its interactive rendering plug-in for 3ds Max, featuring a number of performance and quality improvements

MathFlow Components

Design Science has introduced MathFlow Components and SDK, for editing, display and accessibility of mathematical notation for websites, applications and services

Singula (update)

Integrated Engineering Software has released further updates to its Singula electromagnetic simulator tool, meaning it can now simulate large phased array antennas


CyberVolume has released CyberOpt, its robust non-linear optimisation engine, for the Microsoft .NET Framework

DIAdem 11.1

DIADem 11.1, from National Instruments, is the latest version of its interactive software for managing, analysing, visualising and reporting test data

SIwave 4.0

Ansys has released v4.0 of its SIWave software, with new features for signal integrity, power integrity and electromagnetic compatibility testing

LMS Virtual.Lab for Ansys

LMS International has launched four LMS Virtual.Lab packages tailored to the Ansys user community, and extending the latter's engineering performance simulation capability

SEA 3D Pro 2009.1

ffA (Foster Findlay Associates) has released SEA 3D Pro 2009.1, the latest version of its desktop 3D seismic analysis and volume interpretation software on the Linux platform.


3D seismic analysis software and services provider ffA has introduced the latest version of its flagship product SVI Pro utilising a graphics processing unit (GPU) for 3D seismic analysis


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