Modelling and Simulation

Code V v10.3

Synopsys has released v10.3 of Code V, its optical design and analysis software package


A new time domain solver and high frequency tool for modelling and simulating 3D RF and microwave applications has been released by Integrated Engineering Software

Bricsys Meeting Point

Bricsys has announced Bricsys Meeting Point, a new online communication hub for end users, application developers, and Bricsys .dwg specialists

Faraday (update)

Integrated Engineering Software has updated its Faraday 3D time-harmonic eddy current field solver, first released in 1994

LMS TecWare Rev 3.8

LMS has launched TecWare Rev 3.8, a software solution that acquires load data, analysing durability-specific characteristics and preparing it for re-use in simulation

FDTD Solutions 7.5

Lumerical Solutions has released FDTD Solutions 7.5 which features a concurrent computing capability allowing users to distribute simulations on multiple independent computer resources

CarMaker 3.5

IPG Automotive has announced its latest version of CarMaker 3.5, an open integration and testing platform


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