Modelling and Simulation

Solidworks 2016

Dassault Systèmes has introduced Solidworks 2016, the latest release of the companys portfolio of 3D design and engineering applications


The Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre (CCDC) has released an upgrade to the software it provides to the academic user community worldwide

MBD for Ansys - powered by RecurDyn

FunctionBay has released a new downloadable software product called MBD for Ansys - powered by RecurDyn, which is a fully embedded version of RecurDyn/Professional within Ansys Workbench


ESI Group has introduced ESI-Xplorer, a new systems modelling solution integrated into ESIs multi-domain simulation platform, Visual-Environment

Forge 10.4

Cresset, a provider of software and services for small molecule discovery and design, has announced the release of Forge V10.4, the latest version of its computational chemistry workbench for ligand-based design

E4Coder for the Scilab platform

Publisher and provider of open source numerical and scientific computation software, Scilab Enterprises, has announced the availability of E4Coder for the Scilab platform

Genedata Selector 4.0

Genedata has introduced version 4.0 of Genedata Selector, a genome knowledge management solution with capabilities for reference-independent genome sequence comparisons while reducing data processing and analysis time

Torch V10.4

Cresset has released version 10.4 of Torch, a 3D molecule design tool for medicinal and synthetic chemists

Grapher 11

Golden Software, the leading developer of affordable scientific graphics software, announces the release of Grapher 11, an accurate and efficient 2D and 3D graphing program that meets every graphing need, from simple to complex


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