Mathematical Modelling

Opera v12

The latest release of the electromagnetic simulation tool Opera, from Vector Fields, features improved model parameterisation and scripting capabilities to accelerate the virtual prototyping of electromagnetic equipment.

Mathematica Player

Wolfram has introduced the free Mathematica player, which allows users to access Mathematica notebook files without a fully licensed copy of Mathematica.

MathPlayer 2.1

Design Science has released MathPlayer 2.1, with increased support for Microsoft's Internet Explorer 7. It includes new features to help students with vision and learning disabilities.

MathType 6

Design Science has released MathType 6 for Windows. It provides mathematical notation in printed documents, presentations and web pages. New features include TeX input and the ability to copy equations to and from Wikipedia.

DynaFlexPro 3.0

Maplesoft has released DynaFlexPro 3.0, for the modelling and simulation of mechanical multibody systems. The new version includes improvements to the software's usability and numerical efficiency.


2DynaFS and 3DynaFS from DynaFlow are suites of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) codes based on the boundary element method for the simulation of unsteady incompressible fluid flows.

Bricscad V8

Bricscad V8, based on IntelliCAD, is the latest version of Bricsys' DWG compatible CAD software. The new update features key improvements from previous versions.

Wolfram Workbench 1.1

Built on Eclipse, Workbench is suitable for all stages of the development process, enabling programmers to build, debug, and deploy Mathematica applications more efficiently.


Mercury Computer Systems has announced three new software offerings that provide whole power, real-time interactive and photo-realistic 3D rendering, and real-time 3D ray tracing for visualisation markets.


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