High-Performance Computing

Seismic data acceleration software

Acceleware has launched its seismic data acceleration software, which reduces processing times and delivers faster results when the oil and gas industry are making drilling decisions.

Escalante Beta version

Cluster Resources has finalised the name Moab Cluster Builder for its product code named Escalante and released its final Beta version of the full HPC-stack deployment solution based on Novell's SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10.

Moab Workload Manager 5.2

Cluster Resources has launched Moab Workload Manager 5.2, which is the latest version of its management tool to support hybrid clusters, job arrays and hierarchical fairshare.

Star-P 2.6

Interactive Supercomputing (ISC) has introduced a new version of its Star-P software for parallel programming, with increased support from different programming languages, operating systems and workload management platforms.

AMD Core Math Library

The Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG) and AMD have developed a new version of the AMD Core Math Library (ACML) - a mathematical and statistical components library for high performance computing, particularly for users of 64-bit AMD chip systems.


ClearSpeed Technology has released the ClearSpeed Accelerated Terascale System (CATS). This small format system, taking up just 1U in a standard server rack, delivers up to one Teraflop of performance.

Cuda 1.1

Nvidia has released a new version of its C-compiler for GPU programming, Cuda 1.1. This latest version of the Cuda software suite includes support for 64-bit Windows XP.


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