High-Performance Computing

SIMCA-P+ Version 12

Umetrics has released SIMCA-P+ Version 12, which is a multivariate analysis software that performs cluster analysis and PLS regression with classification trees.


BOXX Technologies has released vizBOXX, which is designed to power virtual reality (VR) systems, very large displays, and take advantage of GP-GPU parallel computing.

Acceleware AxKTM

Acceleware has released Acceleware AxKTM, an application library that enables users of 3D Pre-Stack Time Migration (PSTM) solutions to easily access the multi-fold performance benefits of todays leading GPUs (graphic processor units).

VisualSense and Document Explorer

InforSense has released the InforSense VisualSense and Document Explorer, two web-based solutions for the company's flagship analytics platform that help users quickly and easily navigate through large amounts of complex data.

InforSense Virtual Machine

InforSense has released the InforSense Virtual Machine (IVM), which is a standalone, lightweight workflow execution engine that can be embedded into third-party applications that run on a wide variety of platforms including workstations, servers, scientific instrumentation, embedded devices or mobile devices.

Appro Xtreme-X2

Appro has launched its second Xtreme-X Supercomputer offering, the Appro Xtreme-X2 based on dual-socket, Quad-Core AMD Opteron processors.

MultiCore Plus SDK

Mercury Computer Systems has released the new-generation MultiCore Plus SDK (Software Development Kit), which provides performance and productivity gains for computationally intensive high-performance computing (HPC) applications in aerospace and defence, wafer and mask inspection, beam writers, EDA, computational lithography, and more.

GPULib software library

Tech-X has released the GPULib software library, which executes vectorised mathematical functions on graphics processing units (GPUs) from Nvidia, bringing high-performance numerical operations to everyday desktop computers.


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