High-Performance Computing

Advance e710 Accelerator Board and CSX700 Processor

ClearSpeed Technology has launched its Advance e710 accelerator board and CSX700 processor. With enhanced features, the Advance e710 accelerator board achieves more than twice the price/performance ratio of its predecessor while consuming approximately 30 per cent less power.

FPGA Accelerator Kit

Mitrionics, a provider of FPGA-based processing for accelerated computing, in collaboration with Nallatech, a supplier of high-performance COTS FPGA solutions, have announced the availability of a FPGA Accelerator Kit.


Acceleware has released the C30-16, a GPU-based cluster solution combining Acceleware's clustering technology with its portfolio of designed-for-parallel computational algorithms to harness the power of 64 GPUs.

vSMP Foundation Standalone software

ScaleMP, a provider of virtualisation solutions for high-end computing, has expanded its vSMP Foundation Standalone software product line to support the Supermicro SuperBlade server platform.

SIMCA-P+ Version 12

Umetrics has released SIMCA-P+ Version 12, which is a multivariate analysis software that performs cluster analysis and PLS regression with classification trees.


BOXX Technologies has released vizBOXX, which is designed to power virtual reality (VR) systems, very large displays, and take advantage of GP-GPU parallel computing.

Acceleware AxKTM

Acceleware has released Acceleware AxKTM, an application library that enables users of 3D Pre-Stack Time Migration (PSTM) solutions to easily access the multi-fold performance benefits of todays leading GPUs (graphic processor units).


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