High-Performance Computing

PBS Works 10.2

Altair Engineering has released PBS Works 10.2, its product suite that aids management of compute-intensive workloads, which includes several enhancements

Boston Limited

Boston Limited have over 18 years of experience in building, testing and manufacturing custom built high performance GPU & CPU compute solutions to meet clients exact needs.

Gluster Storage Platform

Gluster has launched Gluster Storage Platform, which integrates the GlusterFS file system with an operating system layer and improved management user interface

Aurora supercomputer

Eurotech has introduced its Aurora supercomputer, which has been designed to deliver more computing power, scalability, and energy savings while retaining compatibility with existing software applications and environments

UniCluster 5.0

Univa UD has released UniCluster 5.0, a new version of its infrastructure and workload management software stack, which underpins the company's cloud computing offerings

HMPP compiler

Caps Entreprise has announced that its HMPP compiler fully supports the new Nvidia Fermi architecture. The compiler generates Cuda code from C or Fortran

Cuda Fortran compiler

The Portland Group has made available its Cuda Fortran compiler for x64 and x86 processor-based systems running Linux, Mac OS X and Windows

Altix UV supercomputer

SGI has introduced its Altix UV supercomputer, targeted at high-end supercomputing. The Altix UV uses Intel Xeon x86 processors to deliver a scalable shared-memory supercomputer


AccelerEyes has introduced a new version of its Jacket software platform designed for multiple GPU systems, allowing Matlab users to leverage the power and energy efficiency of GPU clusters

Upgrades to XT6 and XT6m

Cray has announced upgrades to its Cray XT supercomputer series by incorporating AMD's newest innovations in processing for high performance computing


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