High-Performance Computing


Allinea Software has made a pre-release version of the Distributed Debugging Tool (DDT) for the Cuda architecture available to early-adopter customers, coinciding with the release of Cuda Toolkit version 3.0

Cray CX1

Cray's CX1 deskside supercomputers are now available with the Intel Xeon Processor 5600 Series, which accelerate performance and save energy

WhisperStation-PSC bundle

Microway has released the WhisperStation-PSC bundle, which integrates AccelerEyes' Jacket GPU computing software platform with the purchase of its WhisperStation

Supermicro range

Boston has introduced a range of products at Cebit, including the latest Supermicro Twin Blade platform

DuraNAS 1000

Eurotech has released the DuraNAS 1000, a rugged network attached storage (NAS) solution for harsh environment applications

Cyclone cloud service

SGI has announced the availability of its Cyclone service, which it claims is the worlds first large-scale, on-demand cloud computing service dedicated to technical applications

SVI Pro and SEA 3D Pro 2010

ffA has released its latest advanced 3D seismic analysis and volume interpretation software - SVI Pro and SEA 3D Pro 2010, for Windows and Linux platforms

Tesla Bio Workbench

Nvidia has launched Tesla Bio Workbench, which helps scientists involved in biological research by turning a standard PC into a 'computational laboratory'

StorNext 4.0

Quantum has released StorNext 4.0, the latest version of its highly scalable data management software for high-performance computing environments

PBS Works 10.2

Altair Engineering has released PBS Works 10.2, its product suite that aids management of compute-intensive workloads, which includes several enhancements


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