High-Performance Computing


Numascale has launched NumaConnect, a scalable shared-memory system built from standard servers

CarnoJet System

Green Revolution Cooling has launched a total fluid-submersion cooling solution for data-centre servers that could reduce a data centre's total power consumption by almost half

E4 Computer Engineering has announced the launch of a new appliance based on Intel Enterprise Edition for Lustre software (IEEL) and Dot Hill Systems

Cray Compiler Environment

Cray has announced that its latest release of the Cray Compiler Environment (CCE) is available on the Cray CS300 line of cluster supercomputers

Bright Cluster Manager

Bright Computing has released Bright Cluster Manager 6.1, an all-purpose management solution for Hadoop clusters, HPC clusters, and OpenStack private clouds


Exablaze has broken the microsecond barrier with what it claims is the worlds fastest network interface card

Cuda 6

Nvidia has announced Cuda 6, the latest version of its parallel programming language, designed for programming GPUs to accelerate applications by replacing existing CPU-based libraries

Allinea DDT

Allinea DDT introduces support for Nvidia Cuda 5.5 and Cuda ARM programming toolkit


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