High-Performance Computing

Active optical cables

Molex has announced the introduction of its next-generation active optical cables (AOC), capable of transporting 12Gbps signals up to 100 metres

RSC PetaStream

The RSC Group, a Russian developer of HPC and data-centre solutions, has announced the RSC PetaStream ultra-high density system

General Display Manager

Altair has announced the availability of its General Display Manager,a web based environment for remote visualisation of large data sets arising from large-scale HPC simulations

Fibre Channel portfolio

ATTO has announced the launch of its Gen 5 powered 16Gb fibre channel portfolio and Thunderbolt enabled Desklink services, as well as the new ExpressSAS 12Gb SAS/SATA host bus adapter

OpenMP 4.0

The OpenMP consortium has released OpenMP 4.0 application program interface (API)

TotalView 8.13

Rogue Wave have announced the latest version of TotalView (8.13), its parallel debugging software for HPC systems


Eurotech has announced the launch of two mini HPC systems, collectively titled Aurora

Cray framework for Hadoop

Cray has announced a new framework designed for 'big data' that gives Cray customers the ability to implement and run Apache Hadoop easily on their Cray XC30 supercomputers.


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