High-Performance Computing

Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd.

GIGABYTE Server, through many years of design and engineering experience, offers the most competitive, high-performance servers on the market.

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PGI Compilers & Tools

Supplier of Fortran, C and C++ compilers and tools for parallel computing on 64-bit x86, OpenPOWER and GPU systems.


‘Moore's Law may be dead, but Mucci’s law is going strong’ says the creator of a new performance optimisation tool

Creating balance in HPC

Robert Roe investigates the motivation behind the architectural changes to Europes fastest supercomputer, Piz Daint, housed at the Swiss National Computing Centre

Speeding up the storage stack

Robert Roe discusses the merits of the latest storage technologies, including a push by storage providers to develop end-to-end platforms featuring intelligent data management systems


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