Enterprise Resource Planning Software

BlazeInventory 5.5

Blaze Systems has released version 5.5 of its BlazeInventory product for managing and tracking laboratory materials including samples, reagents, standards, parts, and consumables

E-WorkBook 9.3

IDBS has unveiled what it describes as significant new capabilities to E-WorkBook, its enterprise data management platform, with major enhancements to the web client and integrations with IDBS workflow and analytics engine


Thermo Fisher Scientific has launched a free-to-use, self-serve tool designed to reduce the time associated with configuring and trialling an automation set-up

Process Management and Compliance Suite

Accelrys has released its new integrated Process Management and Compliance Suite of software, designed specifically to facilitate collaboration and streamline product development from research through late-stage quality control and manufacturing

Asset Genius

PerkinElmer has launched informatics-based business intelligence solution, Asset Genius

Agilent Enterprise Edition

Agilent Technologies has announced the latest generation of its Automated Compliance Engine for Agilent Enterprise Edition compliance services

Grid MP 5.8

US-based company Univa has released version 5.8 of its Grid MP product for building distributed computing environments from both non-dedicated and dedicated resources

Business analysis service for CSIPro software

ChemSW has launched a new business analysis component of its professional services offering, allowing customers to optimise their installations of the company's CSIPro software for chemical or biological inventory management


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