Electronic Laboratory Notebooks

Nexxis iLAB 5.02

Labtronics has released Nexxis iLAB 5.02, a total lab automation system. Nexxis iLAB, the integrated lab, integrates ELN, SDMS and instrument integration into a single package

Symyx Notebook 6.5

Accelrys has released Symyx Notebook 6.5, the latest version of its multi-disciplinary ELN, which delivers improvements supporting chemical process development, production scale-up, and administrative compliance in pharmaceutical, fine chemicals, agrochemical, and consumer products markets

Nexxis ELN

Labtronics has announced that Nexxis ELN supports the latest release of ReDI Technology, the industry's fastest deployment technology for converting paper-based forms into electronic worksheets.

OpenLab ELN v4.1

Agilent Technologies has released version 4.1 of its OpenLab ELN. The latest version offers scientists in analytical research and development an optimised way to document and share experiments and results

Connector for Nexxis ELN

Labtronics has released a new connecting platform for its Nexxis Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN), allowing the ELN to connect to any LIMS

Nexxis ELN 5.0

Labtronics has released Nexxis ELN version 5.0, which supports the requirements of both the QC/QA and R&D departments


Rescentris has made its CERF ELN available to iPad and iPhone platform clients and launched the CERF Early Technology Access Program for its global customer base

LabWare ELN

LabWare has announced its LabWare ELN product, a new entry in the electronic laboratory notebook product space and a key component of the company's enterprise laboratory platform strategy

E-WorkBook Suite 8.2

IDBS has released E-WorkBook Suite 8.2, the latest version of its ELN that captures and stores both contextual and experimental fact data in a searchable, secure, traceable and compliant environment


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