Data Analysis

uRiKA graph appliance

YarcData, the newly-created division of Cray dedicated to providing Big Data solutions for enterprise customers, has announced the launch of the YarcData uRiKA graph appliance

Voxler 3

Golden Software has announced the release of Voxler 3, a scientific 3D data visualisation and graphics application

LV-Link 3.0

Data Translation announces the release of a new version of its LV-Link software drivers for LabVIEW


Radiant Sage has partnered with a leading pharmaceutical company to enhance and re-launch its open source DICOM images submitter solution, now named ImageLink

Makai Voyager 1.1

Makai Ocean Engineering has released a new demo of its Makai Voyager geospatial visualisation software

Minitab 16.2

Minitab has released version 16.2 of its statistical software package, adding new tools. The update is free for Minitab 16 users

KnowItAll 9.0

Bio-Rad Laboratories has released version 9.0 of KnowItAll, which now includes an unlimited spectral range and resolution feature

Discovery Studio

Accelrys has released the latest version of its Discovery Studio life sciences modelling and simulation software


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