Data Analysis

MetWorks 1.1.0

Thermo Fisher Scientific has launched MetWorks 1.1.0, an updated version of its metabolite identification software. The software eases automated acquisition, processing and reporting of LC/MSn data for biotransformation studies.

LabView 8.5 Student Edition

National Instruments has introduced LabView 8.5 Student Edition, the latest version of the graphical system design software that gives students a flexible, hands-on environment to design, prototype and deploy engineering and science concepts.

7500 Series ICP-MS

Agilent Technologies' 7500 series of inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometers (ICP-MS) is now fully integrated with its OpenLab enterprise content management (ECM) system.


Using a set of statistical tests, Quali-Sense helps detect the personal strengths and weaknesses of each assessor in a sensory panel.

Massworks sClips

Cerno Bioscience has launched MassWorks sClips (Self Calibrated Lineshape Isotope Profile Search), the latest addition to the MassWorks mass spectrometry software suite.

MassLynx Software

MassLynx Software is a fundamental platform for acquiring, analysing, managing and sharing mass spectrometry information.

Empower 2 Software

Empower 2 is Waters chromatography data software (CDS) package for advanced data acquisition, management, processing, reporting and distribution.


Isis Innovation has released the latest version of its FSL software, which allows clinicians and researchers to analyse images of the brain to provide insights into neurological diseases.


Dynaflow's DF_Contour generates publication-ready graphs and contours from numerical and experimental data. It produces colour graphic representations of various data types, including vector and scalar fields, shapes, curves, and markers.


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