Data Analysis

Spotfire Clinical

Tibco Software has introduced Spotfire Clinical, an in-memory analytics platform that empowers clinical development teans to make smarter, faster and more accurate decisions

Thermo Scientific Grams Suite 9.0

Adept Scientific is distributing the Thermo Scientific Grams Suite 9.0 in the UK, Germany and the Nordic states. The software package delivers enhanced capabilities for scientists engaged in a variety of spectroscopic experiments and disciplines

Avizo 6.2

Visualization Sciences Group (VSG) has released version 6.2 of Avizo, its visualisation and analysis software for scientists and engineers

DADiSP 6.5

Adept Scientific is distributing DSP Development's DADiSP 6.5, the latest release of the engineering spreadsheet designed specifically for technical data analysis

The Unscrambler X

Camo has released The Unscrambler X, its all-in-one multivariate data analysis and design of experiments software, following a massive redevelopment project

Minitab 16

Minitab has released Minitab 16 Statistical Software, the latest version of its package used for quality improvement and statistics education

Voxler 2

Golden Software has released Voxler 2, a complete scientific 3D data visualisation and graphics program, which enables users to import data quickly and easily in a multitude of file types and create representative graphics

Grams Suite 9.0

Thermo Fisher Scientific has released Grams Suite v9.0, its software package for visualising, processing, reporting and managing spectroscopy data

Simca-Batch On-Line v3.4

Umetrics has released version 3.4 of Simca-Batch On-Line (SBOL). SBOL is an off-the-shelf, Windows-based software, providing multivariate statistical process control and batch statistical process control (BSPC) for batch processes


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