Data Acquisition


KineticSystems has launched SoftView, a tool that integrates KineticSystems entire line of PXI/CompactPCI instruments into a single software package.


ASI DataMyte has released its DataMetrics data collection software. DataMetrics is a high-technology, real-time SPC data collection program with a full suite of supporting applications.

DASYLab 10.0 released

Adept Scientific has released DASYLab 10, the latest version of its data acquisition and analysis tool, with new modules and support on Windows Vista, Windows XP SP2 and Windows 2000 SP4.

The DNA deluge

Clare Sansom on how next-generation sequencing methods are creating challenges in the field of bioinformatics

HCS/HCA Platform

Thermo Fisher Scientific has unveiled a series of advanced software modules to enhance the functionality of its HCS/HCA platform, including the introduction of a new informatics suite.


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