Data Acquisition

Symbion-LX, Version 2.1

Symbion Systems, a provider of analytical instrument control, analysis, and connectivity software, has introduced version 2.1 its of Symbion-LX software, adding several new features

CISPro Mobile

ChemSW has released an enhanced version of CISProMobile, which integrates the Windows CE 5.0 operating system with the CISPro Chemical Inventory System.

Collect 6.1 Security Update

Labtronics has released an update for Collect 6.1, its software solution for interfacing and controlling instruments and devices via RS232 or TCP/IP

DIAdem 11.0

DIAdem 11.0 is the latest release of National Instruments' interactive software for managing, analysing and reporting test data.

GageMetrics Version 2.0

ASI DataMyte has released the latest version of GageMetrics, its precision measurement software, which includes the ability to communicate with analogue gauging, including LVDT probes.

Measure Foundry 5.1

Data Translation has released the latest version of its open, powerful application builder for test and measurement systems, known as Measure Foundry 5.1.

DT9837A model

Data Translation has launched its DT9837A model, which is an accurate and rugged USB data acquisition module for sound and vibration measurement.


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