Data Acquisition

Seahorse Scientific Workbench

Based on the AnIML (Analytical Information Markup Language) data standard Seahorse Scientific Workbench is a software suite for capturing, analysing and sharing laboratory data from any analytical technique

Windmill 7

British company Windmill Software has announced the Windmill 7 data acquisition software suite for Windows 7, Vista and XP

Avadis NGS

Strand Scientific Intelligence has released its Avadis NGS software application for next-generation sequence (NGS) analysis

NI DIAdem 2010

National Instruments has introduced NI DIAdem 2010, the latest version of its data management software that helps engineers and scientists better manage, analyse and report on data collected during data acquisition or generated through simulations

LabView 2010

National Instruments has introduced LabView 2010, the latest version of the graphical programming environment for design, test, measurement and control applications

Beacon Designer version 7.7

Premier Biosoft International has released Beacon Designer version 7.7, featuring design support for high resolution melting analysis (HRMA) primers

SenseLink QM version 2.2

MKS Instruments has released the SenseLink QM version 2.2 data acquisition system, featuring multivariate analysis (MVA) with partial least squares (PLS) modelling for improved quality monitoring and fault detection in injection moulding.

Scadas Durability Recorder

LMS, the engineering innovation company, has introduced its mobile durability data acquisition solution, the LMS Scadas Durability Recorder. The system is designed for data acquisition in extreme conditions.


Umetrics has released a 64-bit edition of its multivariate data analysis software SIMCA-P+ (currently in version 12.01) designed to accommodate very large data sets.


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