Chromatography Data Systems

Agilent Enterprise Edition 1.60

Agilent Technologies has released Agilent Enterprise Edition 1.60, an enhanced version of the company's standard platform for instrument qualification in regulated laboratories.

Natrix Quantum

Natrix Separations has launched a family of lab scale chromatography products based on its patented adsept separations technology.

ACD/Column Selector update

ACD/Labs and researchers at AstraZeneca and HiChrom have made an updated version of their free software tool for reversed-phase HPLC column selection available for download. The new version adds 47 new columns to the database.


Advanced Chemistry Development (ACD) Labs has launched ACD/AutoChrom for Agilent ChemStation and Waters Empower 2 Software, which is a product for assisted RRLC, UPLC, and HPLC method development.

Empower 2 Software

Empower 2 is Waters chromatography data software (CDS) package for advanced data acquisition, management, processing, reporting and distribution.

Laura 4

Laura 4, the chromatography data collection and analysis system from LabLogic Systems, now includes a facility for e-signatures. The company is also providing more licensing options for evaluation copies.

Atlas CDS

Thermo Fisher Scientific has introduced the new Atlas Chromatography Data System add-on for the Accela High Speed LC pump autosampler and PDA detector.


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