Chromatography Data Systems

Laura 4

IN/US Systems has updated its Laura 4 radiochromatography system. It now offers researchers the ability to import data from liquid scintillation counters and plate readers such as Top Count and Micro Beta


ACD Labs has introduced ACD/IntelliTarget, which provides researchers with the ability to identify known compounds before searching for others

EasyTox 2.5

Thermo Fisher Scientific has launched EasyTox 2.5, a toxicology GC/MS solution for increased productivity in routine drugs of abuse analysis

MetWorks 1.2

Thermo Fisher Scientific has launched MetWorks 1.2, an updated version of its metabolite identification software.

Atlas Chromatography Data System v8.2

Thermo Fisher Scientific's Atlas Chromatography Data System (CDS) now supports the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system, and provides LC and GC instrument control, digital data acquisition, chromatography data processing and reporting.

NuGenesis SDMS Intelligent Procedure Manager

Waters has released its NuGenesis SDMS Intelligent Procedure Manager, which is a workflow software package designed to guide laboratory analysts through a routine, comprehensive method standard operating procedure (SOP) and integrate results with a chromatography data system.


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