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Labman Automation, a UK-based company creating laboratory automation solutions, has partnered with collaborative robots manufacturer, Universal Robots, to develop the MultiDose powder dosing system. 

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Altair a developer of computational science and artificial intelligence (AI), announced the rebrand of its entire data analytics and AI suite as Altair RapidMiner, uniting all data analytics technology into one platform. 

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Ambience Healthcare has launched a medical scribe that uses AI to capture the nuance of each patient's story

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A superconducting quantum bit (qubit) ready to be cooled to -273.14°C.

DARPA is sponsoring a Webinar to facilitate the technical exchange of ideas on practical uses for noisy quantum systems

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Marvell Technology has announced its Marvell Nova 1.6 Tbps PAM4 electro-optics platform. Nova enables the highest speed of data movement in cloud artificial intelligence (AI) / machine learning (ML) and data centre networks. At the core of emerging, generative AI applications are AI clusters, thousands of supercomputers interconnected by ultra-high bandwidth and low latency optical connections.

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QuantWare has launched Tenor, a new processor which features a massively scalable technology and enables quantum computers with 64 fully controllable qubits to be built commercially

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The latest version unlocks more power to its users with the roll-out of the client management module with wide-ranging functionality.

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Sylabs has announced the latest release of SingularityCE 3.1

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West Hertfordshire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust has appointed Atos to provide service desk, infrastructure, and network and hosting services - with the potential to broaden to digital and other services

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Quantinuum has announced that Rajeeb (Raj) Hazra has been appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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The workshop ”Targeting chemical accuracy with quantum Monte Carlo on LUMI” was jointly organised by TREX Center of Excellence (CoE) and ENCCS on January 26-31, 2023. TREX is a CoE designed to support the quantum chemistry community, funded by the European Commission. 

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Rolos platform transforms scientific research with machine learning and AI-based computational modelling