Ultrathin capacitor could enable energy-efficient microchips

24 June 2022

A team of researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) and UC Berkeley have identified one energy-efficient route to developing ultrathin transistors

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Amazon announces a centre for quantum networking

24 June 2022

Amazon has announced the AWS Center for Quantum Networking (CQN) with a mission to address these fundamental scientific and engineering challenges and to develop new hardware, software, and applications for quantum networks

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Scientists diagnose brain tumours using AI

23 June 2022

A recently published study by Karl Landsteiner University for Health Sciences demonstrated the use of artificial intelligence in brain tumour classification.

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Panasas joins MLCommons

23 June 2022

Panasas, a storage provider has announced a collaboration with MLCommons, the consortium behind MLPerf, to create industry-wide benchmarks for machine learning (ML) storage

Credit: Barcelona Supercomputing Center

BSC announces details of its next supercomputer

17 June 2022

The system will be tailored to strengthen European medical research through drug design, the development of vaccines, virus spread simulations and AI and big data applications

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The US Department of Energy announces $5 Million for research for bio-preparedness

16 June 2022

The US Department of Energy (DOE) has announced $5 million in funding for research to advance the development of tools that effectively use real-world data

Credit: Quantinuum

Quantinuum completes hardware upgrade

15 June 2022

Quantinuum has completed a major upgrade to its System Model H1 technology that includes expanding to 20 fully connected qubits and increasing the number of quantum operations that can be completed in parallel.

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HPC partnership aims to show UK businesses how to apply AI

15 June 2022

Boston is partnering with Supermicro and Intel at The AI Summit – at Tobacco Dock on the 15th and 16th of June, as part of London Tech Week – to show businesses how to leverage AI through intelligent application

The Ministry of Defence acquires the UK government's first quantum computer

09 June 2022

The United Kingdom's Ministry of Defence (MoD) will work with British company Orca Computing to explore applications for quantum technology in defence

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Quantinuum introduces InQuanto

09 June 2022

Quantinuum has released, InQuanto, a quantum computational chemistry software platform that makes it easy for computational chemists to experiment with a wide range of quantum algorithms on today’s quantum computers.

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Research project aims to treat blood cancer using medicinal chemistry

08 June 2022

Two European companies have been awarded an €800K ($842K) grant from EUREKA Eurostars for their three-year EPIGENEXT joint project

Credit: Oak Ridge

ORNL’s Frontier breaks the Exaflop ceiling

02 June 2022

The latest edition of the TOP500 revealed the Frontier system to be the first true exascale machine with an HPL score of 1.102 Exaflop/s.