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LIMS research network to provide insight into the spread of virus variants

30 August 2022

Cloud-based molecular Laboratory Information Management Software (LIMS) provider Ovation has announced the launch of the Ovation Research Network

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Japanese collaboration aims to deliver quantum computers in 2023

23 August 2022

Fujitsu and RIKEN research institute plan to jointly offer quantum computers to companies in the fiscal year starting April 2023.

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Partnership aims to develop application-specific processors for quantum applications

18 August 2022

Multiverse Computing and IQM have announced a partnership to develop integrated solutions for specific quantum-based applications in finance, energy, chemistry, logistics, material science

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Los Alamos to lead nuclear research partnership

10 August 2022

The US Department of Energy has selected Los Alamos National Lab to Lead $9.25 Million Advanced Computing Partnership

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Q-CTRL expands ‘software-defined’ quantum sensing

10 August 2022

Q-CTRL, a developer of quantum control infrastructure software, is expanding its capabilities to deliver quantum sensing - harnessing the fragility of quantum technology to detect tiny signals for applications in navigation, defence, Earth observation and space

Credit: Pawsey Supercomputing Center

Australia’s newest supercomputer details supernova remnant

09 August 2022

Australia’s newest supercomputer, Setonix, has produced a highly detailed image of a supernova remnant immediately after the computing system’s first stage was made available to researchers

Staff Scientist Daniele Filippetto working on the High Repetition-Rate Electron Scattering Apparatus. (Credit: Thor Swift/Berkeley Lab)

Machine learning research improves particle accelerators

03 August 2022

Scientists at Berkley Lab are creating algorithms that control particle beams and lasers using a new machine-learning platform

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Perkin Elmer shifts to life science diagnostics

01 August 2022

PerkinElmer has announced its intention to divest its applied, food and enterprise businesses in a deal worth $2.45 billion

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US Department of Energy announces $3.6 Million to diversify nuclear physics

27 July 2022

The US Department of Energy (DOE) awarded more than $3.6 million with a focus on broadening and diversifying the nuclear and particle physics research communities through research traineeships for undergraduates

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Quobyte and Digital Bedrock announce partnership

27 July 2022

Storage provider, Quobyte, has announced a new partnership with Digital Bedrock, an affordable, secure digital preservation service

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IBM Research makes Deep Search toolkit open source

27 July 2022

IBM Research has recently announced that its Deep Search toolkit has now been released as open source

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TetraScience launches scientific data cloud

21 July 2022

TetraScience has announced a 5-year, $500 million investment in the ongoing development and delivery of a cloud-native, open, and purpose-built scientific data cloud that lays the foundation for AI and ML research