Credit: Nvidia

Nvidia pushes moduilar architecture for data centres

01 June 2023

QCT and Supermicro among first to use server spec enabling 100+ system configurations to accelerate AI, HPC and Omniverse Workloads

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NSF announces investment to improve life-saving weather predictions

01 June 2023

The US National Science Foundation announced $91.8 million in funding for a Mid-scale Research Infrastructure-2 award to the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) to create the Airborne Phased Array Radar

Environmental message launches Future Labs Live

31 May 2023

Laboratory event signals the importance of sustainable research

Credit: Ayar Labs

AyarLabs Adds $25 Million in Expansion of Its $130 Million Series C

26 May 2023

New Funding Fuels Acceleration of Optical I/O Roadmap Supporting Generative AI, Machine Learning and HPC Applications

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DiRAC boosts GPU supercomputing capacity

23 May 2023

The University of Edinburgh will boost its GPU computing power with a three-year contract extension to increase the computing capacity of its BullSequana XH2000. 

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Frontier remains the sole Exaflop supercomputer

22 May 2023

The 61st edition of the TOP500 reveals that the Frontier system from Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) remains the only true exascale machine on the list

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HPC market rebounds to $38.1 billion

21 May 2023

The latest market report from Intersect360 finds that the traditional worldwide High Performance Computing market at $38.1 billion

Credit: Barcelona Supercomputing Center

MEEP infrastructure will contribute to developing European technologies

21 May 2023

The Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) hosts the MareNostrum Experimental Exascale Platform (MEEP), a digital laboratory for hardware and software codesign that will play a key role in the development of future European exascale systems

Credit: Imperial College London

Collaboration aims to support training with sustainable HPC and AI

17 May 2023

Researchers will benefit from a long-term research collaboration increasing HPC and AI capabilities at Imperial College London

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Reseachers disprove local causality with quantum circuits

12 May 2023

ETH Zurich researchers have demonstrated that quantum mechanical objects that are far apart can be much more strongly correlated with each other than is possible in conventional systems

Credit: BSC

Spanish research network to help transfer insight to market

12 May 2023

The Barcelona Supercomputing Center aims tro advance technology transfer to European industry

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Research paves the way for fault-tolerant quantum computing

11 May 2023

The controlled creation and manipulation of non-Abelian anyons leading to topological qubits represents a significant step towards universal fault-tolerant quantum computing